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Top 5 Guidelines To Create Great Websites
28 Jul

Top 5 Guidelines To Create Great Websites

Website designing is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are professional web designers, who design a website, keeping in mind your business goals, but there are certain important rules everyone should follow.
When it comes to website designing, follow these guidelines to craft a great websites.

1. Design Template
First impression is the last impression. Your website should have a neat and clean design, it shouldn’t look clumsy to your visitors. The look and feel of your site is the first thing that your visitors will observe. So pay attention to a design and choose a sophisticated design template.

2. Smooth Navigation
Navigation is a key aspect of any website. An effective navigation design is vital for any website. It has a bigger impact on success or failure of a website. It can affect your website traffic, conversions, search engine rankings etc. Every page on your website should be well-organized, so that your visitors can easily glance through the different sections of your website.

3. Colors Selection
Another important rule one should follow is the ‘color selection’; it has a potential to make or break a website. Multi-colored website is a big no. You should choose a few colors that go well with the website background, text and graphics. Color selection should be an integral part of your website design flow.

4. Responsive Website
Well, this rule can make or break your business. Your website should support all kinds of device that people use nowadays, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computers or whatever. Making your website responsive is an absolute must. Therefore, it is very important that your website should be accessible to all screen sizes.

5. Quality Content
No matter, how beautiful your website is, if the content quality and placement is wrong, don’t except clients via website. Without unique content, your website is just an empty shell. Make sure your content is original, unique and relevant. However, a great website has both great design as well as great content.

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