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Some Popular Video Marketing Trends Of 2017
11 Dec

Some Popular Video Marketing Trends Of 2017

Let your creative juices flow and create videos that your audience would really love to watch

Are you closely following the trends of digital and internet marketing? If yes, then you should be knowing that videos have greatly changed the way digital marketing works and more so in the year 2017 to give it a new face completely on the digital landscape. Now you cannot simply say “No” to videos and do your brand building, in fact it has gone on to become one of the most pertinent marketing strategies to make you rise high in the ladder of success.

However, this is not the end as in order to constantly grow in the marketplace, you’ll always have to remain at the forefront and inform yourself about the latest trends.
So here we have culled the list of smartest video marketing trends ever, after examining the digital landscape from both strategy and sales point of view to make you aware of what you may be missing out on in this year. But before jumping onto the list, please also understand that these video marketing strategies.

So let’s understand how these videos can help you bring in ROI for your company:

1. How about Facebook Live and other apps for streaming videos?

Don’t know, but watching live videos streaming on Fb and other apps often prove to be quite addictive! A study has revealed that people spend 3 times more time on watching live videos in comparison to others that aren’t. In fact, more than 75% businesses which have used Facebook Live claimed it as a powerful digital marketing tool.

2. Instagram Videos

Quite akin to Facebook, Instagram has also introduced the same feature so that you can do live broadcasts. And interestingly, people often participate in live stream videos by asking questions and commenting on it. Thus it’s a great way to connect with more and more people and build a community over there.

3. Snapchat too!

Snapchat is another great option for marketers striving to build their brand image. In fact, it has a lot of options for you to choose from besides allowing you to do advertising videos, which are of course paid, in between users’ stories, forming Geofilters so that users can spread awareness about your product.

4. Webinar

Webinar should be in your toolkit, if you want to drive more sales for your business. Go for video advertising. But do you know how it works? Firstly, you’ll have to give your audience a topic which would be of interest to them so that they are encouraged to sign up along with their contact numbers to use the webinar.

5. 360 Video

Now go in full swing and enjoy a complete 360 degree experience as there is one more useful medium to help you post and share interesting videos, places and your stories for that matter. The best part about 360 Video is that every direction is simultaneously recorded so that the viewer gets a sweeping view of your place.

So these are some of the trending video marketing tools and services for you to leverage your marketing strategy.

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